About Us

Built by rare disease families, for rare disease families

My 2 year old started having 105ºF fevers. We were told he likely had PFAPA, a rare auto inflammatory disease with no existing therapies. Refusing to accept this, we found other patients and families, like Dr. Lina Williamson and Dr. Matt Might, looking to shake up how rare disease therapies are found.

— Josh Resnikoff, CEO

TMA is led by a highly experienced, multicultural team

Joshua Resnikoff
CEO, Cofounder
Entrepreneur and biomedical engineer. Holds several patents in consumer and biotech products. Has an MS BME from Tuft’s University, and helped lead commercial efforts at a Wyss spinout, founded multiple companies, and created a B Corporation that scaled >1000x in its first year. 
Martin Grasso
Chief of Enterprise, Cofounder
More than 30 years of experience in structuring and creating enterprise applications based on large datasets. Harvard graduate and President of the Harvard of Alumni Association, 2017.
Jose Fernandez-Alcon
Chief Technical Officer
Software architect with multiple patents, he has dual MSc’s from the Technical University of Madrid and the Eindhoven Technical University. His work includes creating the infrastructure for the DARPA organs-on-chips project at Harvard Med and managing its transition and scale-up at Emulate Bio.
Javier Romero, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Led the application of artificial intelligence to image processing and radiology-based triaging for patients at Mass General. Graduated from Harvard Medical University, has extensive experience leading clinical trials in LATAM for Biopharma.

Board of Directors & Advisors

Dr. Calum MacRae
Vice Chair for Scientific Innovation, Department of Medicine at Mass General Brigham
Laura Adams
Special Advisor to the National Academy of Medicine; Former CEO of the Rhode Island Quality Institute
Travis McCready
Former CEO for Mass Life Science Center; Co-Chair AIAB at Atrius Health
Dr. Matt Might
Director of the Hugh Kaul Precision Medicine Institute at UAB; Former Director of Strategy for the US Precision Medicine Initiative
Dr. Lina Williamson
TMA Cofounder
Rare disease patient and global patient advocate
Arthur Maxwell
Founder AIS, Inc; Serial Investor
David Hallal
CEO Elevate Bio
Dr. Ulrik Christensen
Founder & CEO Area9 Lyceum