TMA is better healthcare for rare disease patients.

OUR MISSION is to help rare disease patients by ending their diagnostic odyssey.

Give patients better treatment options today.
Empower the doctors helping patients.
Use the data to advance the cures of tomorrow.
Rare disease child with his family

OUR VISION: to help rare disease patients throughout the world get the medical care they deserve to live happy and healthy lives.

Rare disease patients deserve the same dignity of care as everyone else.

TMA is built by rare disease families for this exact purpose: to give patients and their care teams a genetic diagnosis, more disease information, and personalized treatment options.

Our offerings

The best care, for you.

Our research platform will let you and your provider look up all the known information about your diagnosed disease in minutes - related genes, repurposed drugs, existing care, and active clinical trials.

If you don't have a confirmed diagnosis, you may benefit from our free whole genome sequencing - a service we're proud to be the 1st in world to offer.

We are committed to you - all of our products and services will always remain free to patients, everywhere in the world.

Use UbieHealth to check your symptoms

Do months of case research in minutes

Our platform is built to help you navigate the most challenging cases. Upload case information and uncover gene relationships, standards-of-care, and repurposed drug options in a few keystrokes.

Build fully referenced personalized care paths for your patients, and connect with global disease experts for Doctor : Doctor guidance.

We are committed to care - our platform is free to use for Research Clinicians and Care Teams anywhere in the world.

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Over 71 languages supported
ICD-10 codes
Visualized medical history

Enrich your clinical trial population before you begin, and pay only for those patients that pass your criteria.

TMA will do the heavy lift upfront, so you can be sure the patients you're looking for have the genomic profiles you need.

For pre-clinical work, create customized datasets for pre-clinical research by accessing our database of deidentified paired patient data, comprised of whole genome sequences and comprehensive medical records.

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